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How do I create multiple sections on a Lessons page?

When content items are added to a Lessons page, everything is displayed in a linear order vertically in one block with rounded-corner borders. Visually, it appears as one block. Adding multiple sections on a Lessons page breaks up this one big block into smaller blocks so that the page is more readable and visually more appealing.

A section is defined as one block with rounded-corner borders from the left edge to the right edge of one Lessons page. One section may contain one or multiple columns.

Creating sections involves 3 steps. 

Go to Lessons.

Click on the Lessons tool in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Note: The Lesson page must already contain content before adding sections.

Click an item's + button and Add Section Break Above.

Use the + button to the right of the item to which you want to add a section break above.  This will open the Add menu. Click Add section break above.

View the section break.

This will break the big block into two sections. Each section has a few content items surrounded by rounded-corner borders.