How do I delete a Web Content link?

Go to Site Info.

Site Info tool highlighted in site Tool Menu.

Select Site Info from the Tool Menu in your site. From Site info, you can delete a web content link from either the Manage Tools tob or the Tool Order tab.

Click Manage Tools.

Manage Tools tab highlighted among Site Info tabs
Web Content tool link highlighted and un-checked.

Remove the check mark next to the Web Content tool link that you want to delete.

Click Continue.

Continue button highlighted.

Click Finish.

Confirming site tool edit screen with Finish highlighted.

Or, click Tool Order.

Tool Order tab highlighted among Site Info tabs

Click the gear icon to edit item settings.

Tool Order screen with the gear icon for the Web Content link highlighted and Delete this Tool highlighted from the drop-down menu.

Click the gear icon for the item you want to remove, and then select Delete this Tool from the drop-down menu.

Confirm deletion.

Confirm deletion dialog box with the OK button highlighted.

If you are sure you want to delete the item, click OK.

Click Save.

Save button highlighted.