Sakai DocumentationSakai 2.9 Basics for Instructors Setting Up Your CourseHow do I upload my pre-existing syllabus as a file attachment?

How do I upload my pre-existing syllabus as a file attachment?

Many faculty already have an existing syllabus in Word or PDF format. You may upload this file as an attachment in the Syllabus tool if you choose.

  • Pros: Requires little work, as the syllabus document is already available and can be uploaded easily and quickly.
  • Cons: Cannot be edited online. You must edit your file locally and upload a new copy if you need to make changes. Also, students need to download the attachment in order to view it. If the attachment is in Word, they will need Word or Word Viewer to open it.

Go to the Syllabus tool.

Go to the Syllabus tool.

First, select the Syllabus tool in the Tool Menu of your course.

Click Create/Edit.

Click Create/Edit.

Upon first accessing the Syllabus tool, it will be empty. Click the Create/Edit button.

Click Add.

Click Add.

Click the Add button.

Enter a title and add attachment.

Enter a title and add attachment.

A title is required. You may enter something simple, such as "Syllabus" here.

Click the Add attachments button to browse for your file.

Browse to your file.

To browse for a file on your local computer or network drive, click the Choose File button. (Alternately, you may also enter a URL here to the location of your document, or select an already-uploaded resource within this course, or any of your other sites in the system.)

Confirm the file selection.

Once you have uploaded your syllabus, the filename will be displayed here. If this is the correct file, click Continue.

Post your syllabus.

You will be returned to the Add syllabus screen. Your syllabus filename will also be displayed here. All other fields are optional. If you select a start and end date, be aware that students will not be able to view your syllabus outside of those dates.

Click Post to post your syllabus. (You may also Preview it first, or Save Draft if you are not yet ready to post.)

Syllabus posting complete.

Your syllabus file has been posted. In this screen, you have another opportunity to enter start/end dates, or remove the item if you wish, but these actions are optional.

Click on the small blue Refresh arrows to reset the tool.

View syllabus.

Once posted, this is what your syllabus file will look like. Users may click on the link to download and view the file.