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What are my options for adding a syllabus to my course?

There are several methods for adding your syllabus using the Syllabus tool.

Syllabus options.

Option 1: You can create one simple syllabus item with an attachment that is a pre-existing syllabus. Many faculty already have an existing syllabus in Word or PDF format. You may upload this file as an attachment in the Syllabus tool if you choose. This option requires little work, as the syllabus document is already available and can be uploaded easily and quickly. However, your syllabus annot be edited online. You will need to edit your file locally and upload a new copy if you need to make changes. Also, students need to download the attachment in order to view it. If the attachment is in Word, they will need Word or Word Viewer to open it.

Option 2: You can cut and paste a pre-existing syllabus into a single, large syllabus item (with or without attachments). This option also utilizes your pre-existing syllabus. However, by cutting and pasting it into your course, you gain the benefit of being able to view it without downloading, and students do not need Word or other software to view it. You may also edit it directly online to make changes without uploading a new copy.

Option 3: You can create a multi-part syllabus by adding one syllabus item at a time. This allows you to reorder or remove individual items in the syllabus. The Syllabus tool allows you to bulk add items by number of items or by dates. If you like to organize your syllabus by weeks or class meetings, this is good option to use.

Option 4: You can redirect the Sakai syllabus tool to a document that is accessible by URL. If you have an existing syllabus available online, you may want to redirect the Sakai syllabus to point to that web address. Keep in mind that the URL should be publicly accessible so that it doesn't require secondary authentication for viewing. Some institutions or departments post course syllabi online. Pointing to an institutional or departmental syllabus means that you don't need to edit and maintain the document in Sakai.

Please see the following lessons for step-by-step instructions.

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