What is the Syllabus tool?

The Syllabus tool provides a place in your course site to post a syllabus for students to access.

Options for Posting a Syllabus

File Attachment: You may add a document (ie, .pdf, .docx) as an attachment to the Syllabus tool.  Students may download, open, and print the file at their convenience.  In order to make an edit to a syllabus that is posted using this option, you will need to make the edit to the original document on your computer, remove the attachment and replace it with the edited document.

Webpage from Document: You may create a webpage syllabus from your text document using the Rich Text Editor in the Syllabus tool.  You may copy and paste the text from the document into the Rich Text Editor to create a webpage version of your file.  Students may read the document in the Syllabus tool, and there is also a "print" option if they want to print.  Any edits you want to make to the syllabus can be done directly in the Rich Text Editor.

Multi-Part Syllabus: You can create a multi-part syllabus by adding one syllabus item at a time. This allows you to reorder or remove individual items in the syllabus. The Syllabus tool allows you to bulk add items by number of items or by dates. If you like to organize your syllabus by weeks or class meetings, this is good option to use.

Point to Webpage: If you have a syllabus posted on a webpage, you may direct the Syllabus tool to that syllabus.

To access this tool, select the Syllabus from the Tool Menu of your site.

To access this tool, select the Syllabus from the Tool Menu of your site.