Longsight Support PortalSakai 10 Basics for Instructors Setting Up Your CourseHow do I rearrange or rename the items in the Tool Menu?

How do I rearrange or rename the items in the Tool Menu?

The Tool Menu can be customized by the instructor of the course to modify the order or appearance of menu items in the site. 

Go to Site Info.

Select the Site Info tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Page Order.

Drag and Drop items to rearrange the page order.

Click Save at the bottom of the screen to save your reorder.

Hide Tools from students

Click the light bulb icon to hide a tool.  Click it again to make the tool available again.  The gray light bulb means the tool is hidden from students.  The yellow light bulb means the tool is visible to students.  

Example: Toolbar with hidden tools from the instructor's view

Site Info and Resources are hidden from students but appear to the instructor in italics.

Rename Tools

The pencil icon allows you to rename a tool.  Click the pencil icon to open the edit screen.

Type the new name for the tool.

In this example, the Syllabus tool was renamed as the Course Handbook.  Click the green check mark to save your work

Disable a tool.

The padlock tool disables a tool for student use.  If I disable the Announcements tool, students will not be able to access it by any means. The tool is automatically hidden in the Tool Menu if it is disabled. The padlock appears closed if the tool is disabled, and open if the tool is usable by students.

Remove a tool.

The red X icon removes the tool from the Tool Menu.  It has the same affect as removing a tool using the Edit Tools option in Site Info.

Save your work.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the list to save your changes.