How do I log in?

To log in to Sakai at your institution, you will need to locate the login page URL for your instance of Sakai.  If your institution has already adopted Sakai, your username and password will have been created for you by your organization.  Sakai course sites are normally created automatically through the integration of Sakai your campus student information system which also maintains student enrollments automatically throughout the academic term.  

To try out Sakai on your own, you can create create a free TrySakai account at

Register for a TrySakai Account.

Register for a TrySakai Account.

Once you fill out and submit the TrySakai registration form, you will immediately be able to log in with your new user id and password.

Enter your user id and password in the login fields located in the top right of the screen.  

In your free TrySakai demonstration account provided by Longsight, you have one course for which you are the instructor, one course in which you are enrolled as a student and one project site for a hypothetical committee.