Sakai DocumentationSakai 10 Instructor Guide GradebookHow do I import grades into the Gradebook?

How do I import grades into the Gradebook?

Go to Gradebook.

Select the Gradebook tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Import Grades.

Click Import Grades.

Click Choose File.

Click the Choose File button to browse for and select your import file.

Note: The import file must be in a specific format in order to import correctly. It should be an Excel or CSV file and contain the appropriate student and gradebook item data. Refer to the links to Download Spreadsheet Template for the correct file format.

Click Import Spreadsheet.

Click Import Spreadsheet.

After selecting your import file, click Import Spreadsheet to import the grades.

Verify the import.

The import data will be previewed for you. If everything looks correct, click OK to verify the data. (If you notice any errors, click Back to abort the import process.)

Confirmation message.

You should receive a confirmation message on the import screen once your spreadsheet has been imported successfully.