How do I edit a section?

Go to Section Info.

Select the Section Info tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Click Edit.

Click the Edit link under the section you want to edit.

Edit the section information.

You will be able to edit any of the fields that you entered when you created the section.

  1. Name: In the Name field, give your section a name. If you don't enter a name, the name of the category plus a number will be the default name (e.g., Lab1, Lab2, Lab3).
  2. Section Size: Choose a either Unlimited number of students in section or Limit number of students in section to. For the second choice, enter the maximum number of members allowed in the section.
  3. Meeting Details: Select which days of the week this section meets.
  4. Start/End Time: Enter the time the section meets. Enter the time and minutes, for example, 8:00. Check next to AM or PM to indicate time of day.
  5. Location: Enter a short location identifier for where the section meets, up to 20 characters maximum.

Click Update.

When you are finished editing your section information, click Update to save your changes.

View your changes.